2 Small Dogs Chase After A Bear And He Jumps The Fence To Get Away From Them

When we look out into our backyard, we may expect to see an unexpected visitor every once in a while. Perhaps it is a stray cat that wanders into the area or maybe a squirrel that is looking for a snack. What we probably wouldn’t expect to see, however, is a big bear! That is what this individual happened to see when they looked in their backyard, but they saw something that was pretty awesome as well and they caught it on video.

For those of us who have dogs, we recognise that size is not often an issue. We may tend to have a preference as to whether we like big dogs or small dogs, but most of those dogs don’t realise their own limitations. That is especially true with little dogs, who can be quite feisty and courageous, regardless of their small size.

When the two dogs see the bear in their territory, they don’t hesitate. They chase after the bear, barking and raising a fuss. As it turns out, the bear doesn’t want any part of it so he runs and jumps the fence.

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