Finicky Dog Refuses To Eat Dry Food But The Dad Comes Up With The Perfect Solution

Many of us try to do the right thing by feeding our dog the proper dog food. Although dogs often want to be fed off of the table, and after all table scraps can be yummy, it is not the best choice for them. When a dog gets a taste for table scraps, however, they will often refuse to eat their dry dog food but this dog owner has come up with the perfect solution.

When his dog refuses to eat the dry dog food, he simply walks over to it and picks up the bowl. He then takes the bowl in the kitchen and “cooks” the food. Of course, he doesn’t really cook it and he doesn’t even turn the stove on, he just turns on the timer.

When the timer goes off and he pulls the dry dog food out of the oven, the dog can’t wait to get a taste of it. Sometimes, you just need to use a little bit of psychology and even if the dog isn’t truly getting what he wants, it is still the best choice for him.

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