An Adorable Dog Sees Himself In The Mirror And Can’t Stop Barking

If there is one thing that most of us understand about dogs, it’s the fact that they appreciate barking from time to time. Some dogs will bark for no reason at all but others are going to bark for very specific reasons, including protecting the family from harm. That is why they will often bark ferociously when somebody knocks on the door.

As you are about to see in this video, there are also times when the dog may bark and, although they may be doing it for a good reason in their eyes, it is just a matter of them being silly to us. That is the case when these dogs first see their reflection in the mirror. They can’t help but think that it is another dog muscling in on their territory.

Many of us live through our dogs vicariously. When a dog first moves into our home, it seems as if the world is fresh and new and we get the opportunity to see it through their eyes. That is even true when they are doing something silly, such as barking at their own reflection in the mirror.

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