The Dog Is Told To Get Out Of The Crib But There Is No Way He Is Listening

Many of us are parts of blended families, even though we may not consider ourselves to be blended. I’m not talking about marrying into a family with children, I’m talking about having children when we already have pets in the home. It can be a real treat when this takes place, because it gives the children the opportunity to bond with the animals and they often do so in a wonderful way.

When the mother was looking for the dog in this video, she eventually found him in the crib with the baby. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to her, because these two have become very good friends. In fact, the baby can’t stop laughing at the fact that the dog is in the crib with her and the dog doesn’t have any intention on listening to the mother and getting out of the crib.

When we see this type of a bond between a baby and an animal, we realise just how precious it can be. When a dog is part of a family with babies, they benefit in many ways and one of them is shown in this video.

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