A Dog Sticks His Head Out Through The Car Window In Traffic To Try To Catch Raindrops

We may have many memories from when we were children but one that is fun to most of us is trying to catch raindrops on our tongue. It is one of those carefree moments that really demonstrates the innocence of life yet as adults, we rarely ever try to do the same thing. People are not the only ones who can appreciate such an opportunity, as you are about to see.

Dogs are known for many of their traits, one of which is sticking their head out of a car window. They will often do it when the car is moving along to feel the breeze blowing through their ears but in this video, the dog is sticking his head out of the window for another reason. He opens his mouth and begin snapping at the raindrops, looking as if he is trying to eat them!

Fortunately, somebody was behind the car and was able to get a video of this pooch in action. It is difficult to say what the person inside of the car with the dog was thinking, but you could imagine that this dog provides plenty of laughs.

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