Dog Sees Her Favourite Toy Come To Life And She Totally Loses It

If you have ever had a dog in your life, you probably realise exactly how excitable they can be. It is clearly seen when they greet you after a long day but you don’t need to be gone for hours for them to be excited to see you again. As a matter of fact, all it typically takes is a trip to the mailbox and they will be jumping up and down with glee when you walk back in again.

In addition to loving their humans, many dogs become quite attached to a favourite toy as well. They may have an entire box full of stuffed animals and chew toys but one of them is typically going to stand out above the rest. For this dog, it is her stuffed Gumby but she is about to get a surprise unlike any other.

This dog’s owner is quite awesome, so he dresses up in a Gumby costume to give her the ultimate surprise. To see the expression on her face and how she reacts when she sees him walk in the room is absolutely priceless. It may just make you want to find a costume of your own.

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