Treats So Good They Make Your Tongue Hang Out

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make it special. And when you are only a tiny little dog, it doesn’t take much to make you happy. A lot of love and attention, the little tickle behind the ears every or a rub of your belly, and if you are really lucky, a the occasional treat.

Norbert the dog is spoilt, but when you look at his gorgeous little face, it is totally understandable, he really is a little cutie.In this video, he is given a treat, and his tongue goes wild trying to ensure he doesn’t miss even a drop of it. That taste is lip-smackingly good, but the problem with snacks is they disappear so quickly, and you never know when your next one is going to come along.

As a dog, you need to employ a strategy to try and wangle a second or maybe even a third treat, and Norbert has got his technique totally perfected. Not for him using his puppy dog eyes, that’s so last year, and everyone else uses the same thing. So Norbert uses his tongue. He sticks it out and just looks so cute and wins his owner over every time. Watch the video and see for yourself how totally adorable he is.

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