This Puppy Dalmatian Eventually Becomes King Of The Hill

Being a puppy is certainly not as easy as everyone imagines as this video will demonstrate. It must also be said that being a mummy dog is no walk in the park either. The video shows some newly born dalmatian puppies ‎who are still feeding from their mother. You can just see their little spots beginning to appear.

The puppies are all struggling for their place on mummy and are all desperate for her milk. You could say it was pandemonium. As we watch the video the little dog in the purple colour is getting nowhere. Every angle or attack he mounts he get repelled by his brothers and sisters. The owner of all these dogs decides to give him a helping hand and pulls him out of the scrum. Whilst this might seem initially cruel, it actually allows him a moment of calm reflection and once he starts to use his brain he comes up with a stunning plan. Watch the video to see what that was, it certainly made me chuckle.

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