This Pit Bull Knows All of the Tricks

We may often consider our dogs to be rather goofy but the fact is, they are extremely intelligent creatures. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about a new puppy or an older dog, it is possible for them to learn a wide variety of tricks, provided you take the time to teach them. Some dogs, however, take things to the next level and that is the case with this pit bull.

I’ve seen my fair share of dog tricks, and I can’t dogs to trick or two, but this dog is amazing! The dog’s name is Veronica-Lynn and thanks to the efforts of her owner, she is able to do some amazing tricks. For example, she can fetch tissues when her master sneezes, help out around the kitchen or even say a prayer before a meal. It is something to see to believe.

One of the nice things about this method of training is that it uses no force to train the dogs. It uses a clicker, verbal markers and plenty of treats. You can tell by her tail. When it is down, she is focusing but when it is wagging, she is ready for her treat.

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