A Dog is Reunited With His Handler

Many of us have marveled over the bond that occurs between a dog and his owner. At times, the bond seemed so unbreakable, that we could not even imagine the two of them being apart. The unfortunate reality is, however, there are going to be times when a separation occurs and when that takes place, it can be difficult on both the dog and the person in the relationship. Some separations, however, do have a silver lining at the end.

This officer for the North Yorkshire police was away for two weeks and he left his dogs at the station. You would think two weeks was not very long, but in a dog’s life, it was as if the owner was never going to be coming back again. When they are finally reunited, you are not going to believe how excited the dog is!

I’ve seen my share of reunion videos before, but I think this one is now at the top of my list. You gotta check out the amount of air that the first dog gets when he sees the owner, it is absolutely incredible!

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