Sweet Little Puppy Teaches Herself How To Hula Hoop

If you have ever spent any amount of time with a dog, you already recognize they can do some amusing things. Of course, we love dogs for many reasons and they give us love in return, but when they are having fun, there is nothing quite like it. I can remember sitting around the pool and watching my Labrador swimming every day. It seemed as if he couldn’t get enough of the water and it just put a smile on my face. It looks like the people who have the dog in this video will be doing plenty of smiling as well.

They often say that the highest form of flattery is imitation, so it looks as if the girls in this video should be quite flattered by what the dog is doing. In fact, when I first saw it, I couldn’t believe that a dog would do something so interesting.

Admittedly, the dog does need to work on his style, but I would give him an A+ for effort. Perhaps I should teach my dog how to do it, I could use some more smiles around here.

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