This Whining Husky Is Not About To Leave The Dog Park Quietly

When you take a child to the park, there are certain things you just have to expect. The kids are going to have a great time while they are there but eventually, it is going to be time to go home. When that time arrives, the children are likely to fuss a little about the departure. It happens every time. When you see this video, you will realize that it is not only human children who have those feelings, dogs have those same feelings as well.

This video took place at what can be considered the best place in the world for a dog. It was the local dog park, where dogs can run around free, socialize and get out all of their energy. It looks like this dog is having a great time but then it is time to go.

When that occurs, the dog does not go quietly. In fact, he voices his opinion quite loudly. This video shows him in all of his glory, and it even includes subtitles, just in case you don’t speak husky. It is something that every dog owner is sure to appreciate.

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