Pooch Makes The 4 Mile Walk Into Town Daily Just To Say Hello

Those of us who have dogs in our lives recognise that they can be quite social. Some dogs tend to stick with one person, always being found on their lap but other dogs travel from one person to another, just so long as they will scratch them behind the ears.

That is where Bruno comes in. For the past 12 years, he has been walking 4 miles into town on a daily basis. He doesn’t go there to get his food or because he needs the exercise, it is because he wants to say hi to the people in town. He started taking this journey when he was only a small pup and people thought he belonged to a local resident, Larry LaVallee. Larry had even tried to keep the dog and chain him, but he wasn’t one to be tied down.

Bruno is a stray, and he wouldn’t have it any other way in his life. He just wants to walk around, go on journeys and say hello to his friends in town. Over the years, the local residents have grown accustomed to seeing him walking on the streets and he is friends with everyone.

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