Freddie Is The Largest Dog in Britain And He Isn’t Done Growing

There are some dogs that are simply going to astound you when you see them. They are the larger breeds, including this breed, the great Dane. Great Danes were originally bred for hunting boars, but today, they are a part of many families, both for the love that they have and for the protection that they provide. After all, it is not unusual for an adult male to weigh as much as 120 pounds or more! Although their lifespan is only eight years, it is 8 years full of love.

I would like to introduce you to Freddie, a dog that is quite possibly the largest in Great Britain. What he stands on his hind legs, he will tower over most humans at 7 feet tall. What is most amazing is the fact that he isn’t even done growing yet!

As you are about to see, Freddie is not only a dog with a big body, he has a big heart as well. Like many dogs his size, he has no idea that he is as big as what he is and he is nothing more that a big old softy!

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