He Wants His Rottweiler To Make A Mean Face, But His Attempt Is Hilarious Instead Of Scary

There are many different dog breeds but at times, somebody may want one that is strong and protective. Rottweilers are just such a breed, and although many people may have some hesitation about owning such a dog, a Rottweiler owner will tell you that they are the biggest softies of all time. That is apparently also the case with this dog.

Reese is a strong, handsome Rottweiler that is being taught to look intimidating, and I would say he is doing a fairly good job of it. At first, he is only being told to show his teeth, and when he does so, he does it with conviction. It is when his owner tells him to show his mean face, however, that it really becomes interesting. Not only does he bear his teeth, he also throws in a low growl that would really make anybody think twice before they messed with him.

Although they are teaching Reese how to be a guard dog, he is also a family dog as well. It is the mixture of attitude, obedience and love that really makes him an awesome pet.

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