I Wish My Dog Could Perform Even One Of These Tricks – Stunning

Dogs are not only man’s best friend, they are also highly intelligent, and they always aim to please. Provided you spend the time effort and energy working with your dog, the things that can be achieved by man and dog working together in tandem knows no bounds. Take for example the shepherd and his sheepdog, a perfect team helping each other achieve their goal on a daily basis. But it doesn’t just have to be outside in the world of commerce that a partnership can be beneficial.

The amazing dog you are about to watch is like a fully qualified home help. Finley can turn his paw to most things as you will see, including but not limited to helping his owner Greg to brush his teeth, or putting the laundry away. I imagine your dog will be loathe to let you watch this clip, as once you see it your expectations of your own pooch will dramatically increase. Finley is just amazing, and the bond that he and Greg share is obviously very special. I especially love when he helps Greg hang the picture frame, which clearly demonstrates a remarkable amount of trust between the dog and his owner.

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