Puppy Freaks Out Over a Simple Lint Roller

When you are a little puppy, the world is a very big place. It seems as if every time a puppy turns around, they are running into some type of new situation. In some cases, it is a wonderful discovery and in other cases, it is as if the world is coming down around you.

For this little puppy, the surprise of the day comes in a rather small package. It is a lint roller, and that certainly is something most of us would not consider a big emergency. For this little puppy, however, it is something that is wonderful and perhaps even a little bit threatening. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t stop freaking out at this new device, and it is hilarious to watch.

Sometimes, it’s nice to experience the world through the eyes of a puppy. Sure, there are many reasons why having a puppy is great, but at times, it’s just fun to look at the world as if it were all new. Try it sometime, you will be amazed with how it feels.

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