Dog Stops To Poop On The Agility Course

There is nothing quite like watching a dog that is well trained. They seem to be able to do amazing things, and, at times, it is as if they can actually read our minds. Of course, there are many types of dog training, including basic obedience and even training to care for people with special needs. The dog in this video has obviously gone through extensive training for the purpose of running though an agility course.

The dogs that take part in this type of activity are not only energetic, they must be attuned to the commands of their human and be ready to make a switch in direction at a moment’s notice. Apparently, they should also have the ability to hold it when they have to go to the bathroom, which is about to become obvious.

After making what appears to be a flawless run, this dog has something on his mind, and it isn’t crossing the finish line. He has been answering the calls of his master but now, he has to answer the call of nature and there is nothing that can stop him once he has started. I don’t know whether to feel sorry or laugh!

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