Rescue Dog Drags Her Human Into The River

If you are somebody that owns a dog, you recognize that at times, they can be rather rambunctious. That is especially true when they are a puppy, as they are like a little ball of energy that never wants to stop. In fact, they have a switch that is either on or off, and the only time it is off is when they are sleeping.

The dog in this video is a rescue puppy but she is so excitable, she is absolutely going to blow your mind. Her name is Misty, and what she does to her human is certainly frustrating to him but it is going to be laugh out loud funny for you. It happened when they came across a river that she had never been near before.

Both of them take some time to look out over the water and reflect when suddenly, something catches her eye and she starts pulling toward it. Although her handler attempts to gain control, it only takes a moment for him to lose his footing and go right down the river bank!

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