Dog Is Told To Fetch His Brother And He Does It

There is something amazing about watching a dog that is well-trained. When the training process is complete, they often know how to do basic commands, such as sit, come or stay. For some people, however, the basic commands are not enough and they want their dogs to do something awesome. For example, I’ve seen dogs who were trained to go get a drink out of the refrigerator and bring it to their owner. Perhaps you have seen something similar. Once you see what this dog does, however, you will have to admit it is one of the best ever.

The dog in this video was standing by the back door and his master told him to go outside and get his brother. Although you can’t see any other dogs in the picture, the little guy quickly runs around the corner and comes back with a prize. He is leading his brother by the collar, and it is awesome to see.

Training your dog is not only something that gives you the ability to make a fun video, it brings you closer to the animal and them closer to you. When done properly, there is nothing quite like it.

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