Cute Chihuahua Does Yoga with His Master

Have you ever seen pictures of animals that look like their owners? Like people that live together for an extended amount of time, animals may actually begin to take on the traits of their owners after they live with them as well. In addition, many owners will choose animals that are similar in looks and personality to themselves. It appears as if this dog is taking on a rather interesting trait of his master, and it is absolutely adorable to see!

If you have ever tried to exercise with a dog in the house before, you realize that it can often be an exercise in futility. The moment that you get on the floor to do any situps or push-ups, they are immediately on top of you and they can’t help but get in the way. This little Chihuahua, however, is working along with his master while he does some yoga moves.

Appropriately, they start out in a down dog position but then they go through a series of stretches and the dog keeps pace perfectly. It has been proven that yoga stretches are good for your health, and yoga is considered good for the mind as well. This is probably one of the healthiest dogs out there.

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