Little Girl Is Elated After Being Reunited with Her Missing Dog

As a dog owner, I can tell you that there is nothing quite like the love that is felt between a master and his beloved pet. That love is felt across the family, however, and when children are involved, it is something especially wonderful. Unfortunately, there are times when sad occurrences take place, such as the dog running away and getting lost. That was what had happened to this little girl, as she went to school but when she came home, she was given the news that her dog was missing.

The family searched for the little dog but they were unable to find him. Before long, weeks turned into months and it seemed as if the dog would never be found. Little Jocelyn, however, never lost hope that her dog would someday return.

One day, two years later, Jocelyn noticed that her mother was acting strangely. She then learned that her beloved dog had returned and the reunion is something that you will cherish when you see it.

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