Toddler Shows His Love For His Dog Even After It Fails His Test

One of the things that is inevitable in life, and that we all have to learn is that your friends will let you down. No matter how wonderful they are, or how strong your friendship, at some point the likelihood is you will end up disappointed with your friend. The important thing is how you deal with it, and that you ensure you don’t let it fester and get out of control. On many occasions, friends fall out to the point where they don’t ever talk again, but if you were to ask them a few years later what the fight was about most of them can’t even recall.

This little toddler is already showing understanding and love way beyond his years. He is trying to play fetch with his beloved dog, but every time he throws the ball, the dog just looks at him, as if he has horns on his head and refuses to move a muscle. At this point the little boy has a couple of choices, he can either get the hump and storm off, or he can go up and give the dog a huge cuddle and show him that he still loves him. I am sure you don’t need me to tell you which option he chose but watch the video all the same as it really is a lovely touching and inspiring moment.

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