Brilliant Pup Will Take A Treat From Anyone But The Dog Catcher

Anyone who has ever had a dog in their lives recognise how smart they can be. Of course, they do have their moments when we may doubt their intelligence but then they do something that lets us know just how brilliant they are. The intelligence they show is not only a matter of instinct, it is also seen when they do a trick as well.

As far as tricks go, I have seen quite a few. Some of them are what would be considered a part of basic obedience, such as knowing how to sit or stay but some go far beyond the normal training. For example, there are some dogs who have learned how to go get a drink from the refrigerator or others who ring a bell when they want to go outside. This pooch, however, is doing something that is quite brilliant.

As he sits on the floor in front of his owner, he is offered one treat after another. As they are offered to him, he is told who they are from, such as an uncle or a grandmother. When the pooch is told that the treat is from the dog catcher, however, it is a different story.

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