This Dog Really Wants a Tummy Rub

If you’ve ever taken the time to study a dog before, you recognize that they have their own, unique personality. At times, they are going to like things that other dogs may not care much for and vice versa. One thing that is of interest to any dog, however, is being comfortable and when you are caring for them in the right way, they can’t get enough of it. That will become obvious when you see the Staffordshire bull Terrier who knows exactly what he wants.

He came in to sit beside his dad but when he wasn’t getting the exact attention he wanted, he grabbed hold of his father’s hand and demanded a belly rub. After all, what could be better than having your tummy rubbed by someone you love? It is absolutely adorable, and you really see his personality through it all.

Almost all dogs enjoy belly rubs, but they won’t necessarily let anybody give one to them. In most cases, it is only those who are closest to the dog and they’ve come to trust that will be able to give this special treat to them.

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