These Puppies on a Swing Will Make You Smile

There is something that all of us should do as frequently as possible, yet it can be difficult to do it on command. I’m talking about smiling, something that studies have shown can help you both physically and psychologically to deal with the world around you. Admittedly, it can be difficult to smile when you are having a rough day but if you are able to do so, it can make your day a lot easier to bear.

In order to help those who may be having a difficult time smiling today, we are presenting you with the following video. There is no doubt that animals have the way to make us feel better about the world in general, but when you see these adorable dogs swinging on swing sets? You’re absolutely going to fall in love with them!

The next time you are at the park, regardless of whether you have your dog there or not, think back to this video and the way it made you feel. It is the perfect pick me up for a day that may not be going exactly your way.

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