Angry Dog Hates The Bath

There are certain things we love in life and certain things we hate. Sometimes, we have to put our feelings aside, however, and bite the bullet, so to speak. When that happens, it doesn’t matter how hard we try, it is often difficult to put on our best face, and most people will be able to tell that we really aren’t happy with what we are doing. It appears that this dog is having one of those moments.

There are two types of dogs in this world, those that love to be in the water and those that hate it. It seems that the dog in this video is certainly one that would rather do anything than be in the water. Unfortunately, for him, it is bath time and like it or not, he has to get in the water and deal with it until he is clean.

Although we may see dogs that don’t like the water there are ways that may be able to help them to do well with a bath. It often has to do with our own attitude and the way we handle them. In any case, there will always be times when they just don’t want to go in.

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