The World’s Smallest Dog Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

The Internet is a part of our lives, and that is not about change at any time in the near future. Although many of us spend quite a bit of time every day on the Internet, we have to admit that it can also be difficult to do so. After all, the Internet can be a rough place, there are plenty of arguments that take place over almost any subject you can imagine. Then again, there are videos like the one in this post, videos that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The Internet may argue over many different subjects, but they all agree that a cute puppy video is well worth watching. In this video, you will meet Meysi the terrier. She isn’t your typical, every day terrier, however, she is one of the smallest dogs in the world! In fact, she is only 2.8 inches tall.

Thanks to her tiny stature and big personality, millions of people online are now in love with this adorable dog. It doesn’t matter if you have seen her before or not, you will truly appreciate what this video has to offer.

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