He Wants His Dog To Get Up But The Dog’s Reaction Is Priceless

I think that the world could probably be separated into two different types of people. There are those who love getting up in the morning, and they jump out of bed without reservation. The other group, however, are those who would rather stay in bed and they may complain and struggle to get up on a daily basis. If you are somebody that loves your bed and wants to stay in it as long as possible, you’re going to appreciate what this dog is doing.

In the video, it shows a dog that is sleeping comfortably on the bed and his owner decides that the dog should not lay around all day. He tries to get him up, but it is to no avail, because the dog does nothing but complain and he just keeps on trying to go back to sleep.

Many of us will see ourselves in this dog, and although we may end up getting up reluctantly, we would do our fair share of complaining as well. Fortunately, the dog is so adorable that the entire situation not only true to life, it is quite humorous and wonderful to watch.

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