Awesome Reunion between a Soldier and Her Beloved Dog

We have certainly seen our fair share of reunion videos and there is nothing quite as heartwarming as watching a soldier come home and be reunited with their family. The majority of those videos are a husband being reunited with his wife or perhaps seeing his children after a long deployment, but in this video, it is another family member that gets a happy welcome.

The woman in the video below has just returned home after being deployed for a long time in Afghanistan. It is unsure where she was or what she was doing but we can only imagine how happy she is, now that she has returned home again. That happiness is about to turn into absolute joy, however, because a very special friend walks into the room to see her.

When you see this soldier reunited with her dog, you can’t help but smile. Of course, you need to pay attention to the dog as well, because she is so happy to see her human that she is actually crying. It is a scene of pure joy, and it is one that not only makes those two individuals smile, it is certain to make you smile as well.

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