11-month-old Boy Tries to walk A Giant Bulldog

Have you ever tried to get a dog to move when he just wasn’t in the mood to do it? It seems like it is almost impossible to budge him even an inch, and even if you have the ability to move him, he might just go right back to the same spot again. It is that type of stubborn behavior that is not only frustrating, it can also be endearing.

The little boy in this video is only 11 months old and he certainly looks like he is ready to go for a walk. He has on his shorts and T-shirt along with red flip-flops but most importantly, he is holding the end of a leash in his hand. On the other end of the lease is a big bulldog and it doesn’t look like he is interested in going anywhere.

The boy tries a number of different methods of getting the go to walk, but I don’t think he budged a single inch for any of them. This is a video that is sure to warm your heart. Not only will you fall in love with the little boy, the bulldog may walk away with a piece of your heart as well.

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