Young Lad Plays The “Pie In The Face Game” With His Dog And It Is Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

There is something that many of us have enjoyed doing since childhood, and that is playing games. I know at my home, my sisters and I were constantly sitting around the kitchen table, playing everything from Monopoly to Chutes and Ladders. Although we live in an electronic age when many people have their heads buried in their mobile phone or tablets, there are still many children who enjoy playing a good board game from time to time.

One board game that has captivated the attention of many people is Pie in the Face. It is perhaps one of the most hilarious games of all time, and you can’t help but laugh when you see somebody playing it. The child in this video is playing the game with a twist, he has his Rottweiler, Mackey, who is playing along.

As the game starts, it is hilarious that Mackey knows where to put his face. Obviously, he has played the game before. The young lad then begins spinning the dial and before long, Mackey gets some pie in his face and he absolutely loves it!

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