The Dog Sees It Is Time For The Dog Park And He Totally Loses It

I could probably list about 1000 different reasons why we love dogs, but perhaps near the top of the list if not at the very top is the fact that they are happy animals. We have all experienced the benefits of bringing a dog into our lives and having them, not only turn our lives upside down but completely turn it around. Regardless of whether we are happy or sad, they are there for us and at times, they can pull us out of a blue mood.

The dog in this video is Scrattie, and he is about to be the reason why you will be smiling in just a few minutes. You see, he is in the car with his owner and he sees the dog park in the distance. Once he spots it, there is no stopping him and he absolutely goes crazy with pure joy over the prospect of being at his favourite place in the world.

Dogs really expect very little out of us, but they give so much in return. Doing something for the animal to make them feel good is not only going to benefit them, it makes us feel good as well.

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