She Catches Her Dog Digging In The Yard But The Guilty Look On His Face Says It All

There are certain things that you can expect when you have a dog, some of which could be considered unacceptable behavior. For example, if your dog is one that chews on the furniture, goes to the bathroom in the house or barks all night long, those are types of behaviors that need to be corrected. Something else that your dog might do is dig in the yard, and that is what this dog did.

The dog’s name is Jack and he loves nothing more than digging holes in the lawn. The problem is, he is not allowed to do it and he knows that it is against the rules. After all, digging the yard creates a potential problem for anyone who is walking through. Regardless of whether he is allowed to do it or not, however, Jack loves doing it.

When Jack was digging on this particular day, his owner came out and was taking a video. Rather than trying to run away, Jack simply fell to the ground and covered the hole with his chin. I don’t think I’ve seen anything more adorable all day!

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