A Dog And Baby Have A Conversation In An Ultimate Battle Of Cuteness

We all have an appreciation for cute things, and they may appear in a number of different forms. For example, is there anything cuter than a baby laughing? It is absolutely contagious! Something else that we may find cute is a little puppy dog, especially when they are doing what they do best, running around and making us smile. The combination of a baby and a dog, however, may just put us over the limit when it comes to cuteness and this video is living proof.

A father managed to get this video of his baby, Sophie, having a rather unusual conversation with their Shorkie puppy. As the two of them jabber back and forth, it is almost as if they are playing off of each other and they are doing so brilliantly. This video is so adorable that you just can’t help but smile.

It seems as if baby Sophie is not only known for chatting with dogs, she is quite an animal whisperer. She can connect with animals according to the father, and he took this fantastic video as proof. It’s good enough for us!

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