Husky Tries To Keep A Tough Exterior But Rolls Over When A Baby Pets Him

Many dogs will try to keep a tough look on the outside but on the inside, they are nothing more than a big ball of mush. That is the case with this dog, who may look tough but when the baby reaches out to pet him, suddenly he is as happy as a clam. In fact, it looked as if he was just waiting for that interaction before he would respond and when he does, it happens in the most adorable way possible.

I know that I’ve seen a lot of cute dog videos before but when you have the combination of this dog and baby, it absolutely stole my heart. You can really tell that there is a bond between the two of them and it is one that is starting very early in life for the baby.

Did you realise that it was healthy to have a dog in the house when there was a baby around? Research has shown that children who grow up in a house with dogs are going to have more love and respect for them when they get older and they may even suffer from fewer allergies.

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