When This Puppy Sees Someone ‘Attack’ His Owner He Turns Adorably Vicious

It always helps to have someone on your side and at times, that friend may be from a most unusual source. We all recognise that dogs love us and they are willing to show unconditional love, but will they stand up for you when the chips are down? That was something interesting that this couple was out to see, and it turns out that Bruce, who is only 11 weeks old, is more than ready to step up to the plate.

Of course, the “attack” in this video is not real but for the dog, it is just too serious to leave alone. When the attacker fakes a kick in the direction of the owner, Bruce jumps into action, barking and chasing him away. He may be little, but he is all heart!

Bruce certainly is an adorable animal and there is no doubt, he will have a happy life with this family. His bravery is well worth noting and the girl that he is protecting is certain to give all of the love back to him that he could possibly want.

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