One Dog Helps Another Dog Out Of the Car

The world can be a really big place when you are a dog. That isn’t only true of puppies, even large dogs have difficulties from time to time adjusting to the world around them. Sure, they may do fine when they are running around on the ground but when you put them in an area that is unnatural for them, such as the back of a car, they may not quite know what to do.

It seems as if this sweet Labrador retriever is having a similar problem. He is stuck in the back of an SUV but isn’t quite sure how to get out. It was then that something remarkable happened, and it is sure to leave you smiling until your cheeks hurt. His friend, another dog, jumps out of the door and turns around to help his BFF.

It is a precious moment that we can also enjoy, thanks to a pet owner who shared a video. Not only can you thank the Labrador for the smile you had today, you can thank the person behind the video camera as well.

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