Great Dane Takes A Ride In A Cart Behind A Bike

There is nothing quite like getting out in the fresh air for a while. It doesn’t matter if we are taking a walk in the woods or riding a bike down an old country road, there is just something about it that helps us to connect to the world around us. Of course, if you have a dog, you already know that they can take the experience to the next level very quickly. Not only do they offer us some protection, the are our constant companion and we love having them with us.

Most dogs will jump at the chance to get out and get some exercise. In fact, you might have a difficult time convincing them not to go with you. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are going to have the stamina that they need to go the distance. That is obviously this problem with the Great Dane.

Although it looks like he is quite happy to run by his master’s side as he rides a bike, it isn’t long before the pooch just starts to slow down. Fortunately, for him, his master just so happens to be pulling a wagon, and it is just the right size for his canine friend.

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