She Started Filming Her Dogs, But What She Caught On Camera? I’m In Stitches!

A mother’s work is never done — even if you’re a dog. In this video, this attentive husky mom watches over her seven tiny puppies, and when she notices they’re getting restless, she decides it’s playtime.

Her owner set up a camera in the living room of a house and captured the husky mother playing with her pups. Mom likes to run and jump on the couch, and the puppies try to follow. Of course, Mom is much faster than her pups, but seeing them all play together is so heartwarming. At certain points, it actually looks like the momma dog is having more fun than her litter of puppies!

Perhaps this husky knows how to wear out her pups so they’ll be ready for a nap in no time. Just watching these little rugrats running around the living room will leave you needing to catch your breath. This bond between a mom and her babies is so sweet.



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