Puppy Is Afraid of Water and Won’t Go for a Swim

There is something about puppies that just makes us feel good on the inside. Perhaps it is their innocence, and the fact that they have a playful nature but I think that it goes much deeper than that. When you are around the puppy, you are around a creature that is getting to know the world for the very first time. Although much of the world is old-school to us, it is brand-new to the puppy and we get to experience the joy of learning new things through their eyes.

Of course, not everything they learn is going to go smoothly and at times, they may even react in a most unusual way to something fairly common. That was the case with this puppy, who loves to drink water but doesn’t like to be around enough water so she could go for a swim! In fact, she may look brave on the outside but just wait to you see her in action when she is at the pool.

Some dogs are made to swim and others will stay dry at all costs. I don’t know which category this dog will fall into, but she looks pretty dry right now.

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