This Shelter Dog Does The Best Thing To Get Attention From A Passing Human

When a dog goes into an animal shelter, it is their desire to ensure that they get a forever home as quickly as possible. Some dogs tend to be more “desirable” than others, even though every dog has their own personality and desirable traits. At times, the shelter may do something that puts the spotlight on the dog but at other times, the dog puts the spotlight on himself.

The dog in this video was brought into a shelter and they quickly named her Ginger Rogers. Not only was she looking for a forever home, it seemed as if she was looking for her own Fred Astaire as well. After all, whenever humans came near the cage, she wouldn’t just bark at them, she would stand up on her hind legs and do a dance!

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending because Ginger was adopted by a forever family. Now they have the opportunity to see her dancing whenever they want and we can only imagine that video is going the surface of this wonderful animal again at some point in the future.

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