Diabetes Dog Saves His Owner’s Life From 5 Miles Away

It goes without saying that anyone visiting this site, is already a huge dog lover, and unlikely to be surprised by some of the fantastic stories of dogs and their amazing abilities, but this particular story even surprised me. Hero is a diabetic dog, who is trained to alert people when their blood sugar level gets too high or low. Apparently when this occurs the body emits a certain chemical smell, undetectable to humans, that a dog can easily sense. Trained properly the dogs can then alert humans to the impending problem so that the appropriate treatment can be taken.

4-year-old Sadie is Hero’s owner whom he totally adores. During a normal school day, Sadie sets off to her special needs school five miles away and Hero gets to take a rest like most other dogs, whilst he waits for Sadie’s return. However one day, Hero just knew something was wrong. Normally a polite and well-mannered dog, he started to whine repeatedly until eventually Sadie’s parents decided to call the school and have her blood tested. Miraculously Hero was totally correct and Sadie’s blood was at dangerously low levels. I have no idea how Hero knew, but thankfully he did, and he certainly lived up to his name. Watch the amazing full story in the video below, and then share it with everyone you know as Hero deserves recognition for his amazing life-saving skills.

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