Adorable Service Dog Visits the Fire Station

There is nothing quite like having a good dog around. They can pick us up when we are feeling blue and they give us lots of love, regardless of our mood. In addition, dogs protect us, provide us with companionship and they are loads of fun as well. Of course, some dogs are meant to be lapdogs and others are going to be hard-working, as is the case with Maddox, this adorable service dog. In fact, he is one of the hardest working dogs around and he is trained to care for his owners without complaint or misbehaving.

The owners of Maddox recognized exactly how hard he worked, so they decided to give him a special birthday surprise. As a matter of fact, we think that this is probably the best birthday surprise that a dog could ever have! He took a trip to the fire station and he saw his friend.

No, his friend is not one of the firemen that is standing in the line, he is the fire truck and more specifically, the siren. Anytime Maddox hears the fire engine, he joins in with a howl and now, he gets to see his buddy up close and personal.

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