The Cat Drinks From The Dog’s Bowl While The Pooch Reminds Her It Is His Turn

Although most people look at dogs and cats and consider the potential problems, there are also plenty of good things that can come out of the interaction as well. If you have both a cat and a dog in your home, you already know that it can be a good thing. Sure, there may be a little “sibling rivalry” from time to time but, for the most part, they will learn to get along and may even love each other.

The dog in this video is Benji and he is in an awkward situation. The family cat, Fred, seems to be taking his good old time at the water bowl and Benji is ready to take a drink. Although Benji is patient about waiting, it isn’t long before he starts to give some gentle reminders. Of course, Fred still isn’t in a hurry.

Finally, Fred decided he has had enough and he wanders away from the water bowl, leaving Benji to drink all he wants. You have to feel sorry for the pooch, however, because it looks like there is barely anything left in the bowl!

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