She Hears Noises From The Kitchen And Goes In To Find The Dog Eating From The Whipped Cream Can

Those of us who have dogs recognise that they can be a lot of fun to have around the home. They provide us with company when we need it, a listening ear and plenty of love. Some dogs also have personalities that lend themselves to making us smile on a regular basis as well. That is obviously the case with this dog, who learned how to do something rather remarkable and shocked his owner when he did it.

The woman taking the video heard some noises coming from the kitchen and automatically assumed that it was her daughter getting some whipped cream. After scolding her daughter and finding out that it wasn’t her, she went out in the kitchen and discovered her dog on the floor, spraying whipped cream into his own mouth!

I understand that dogs should not eat dairy products and it is always best if they stick to a very specific diet. That being said, this video is very funny and I’m sure that the dog didn’t mind getting a little bit of whipped cream in the process.

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