Mum And Baby Pit Bull Hide After Doing Something Horrible In The Other Room

Like most of you, I have seen my fair share of dog shaming videos. There is no doubt that they can be funny, as dogs can’t help but wear their guilt out for everyone to see. This particular video was unique, however, because there are two dogs involved, a Mum pit bull Terrier and her puppy. It is amazing to think that such rough-and-tumble dogs could be so afraid of a human, but when I saw what was in the other room, I understood.

At first, you just see the calling card that they left on the carpeting. That would be enough to frustrate any dog owner, and surely the dog would be scolded for it. When the camera pans around the rest of the room and you see the carnage, you understand exactly why those two dogs are acting so guilty, because they ARE guilty!

When you have a dog in the house, you know there are going to be problems from time to time. Some of those problems are going to be easily overcome; others may have more of a lasting impact. Through it all, however, our dogs keep on loving us and the feeling is mutual.

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