Funny Dog Plays Dead And Freaks Out His Canine Brother

Those of us who have siblings recognise that they can be our best friend and at times, they can be our worst enemy. That is especially true when we are younger. At one moment, we are playing along nicely with each other and in another, we seem to be at each other’s throat. Through it all, however, there is often a degree of loyalty that you don’t often find outside the family.

Something else that is very common, especially with older siblings, is that they like to make the lives of their younger siblings miserable. It seems that humans are not the only ones to experience this, as these dogs are also quite good at picking on each other. That is especially true of Jack, the nine-year-old dog, as he drives his three-year-old brother, Archie, absolutely mad!

It seems that Jack has developed a habit and he developed it naturally, without any human interaction. At random, he simply rolls over and plays dead and it seems that he does so, just because it drives Archie crazy. Poor Archie doesn’t even know what to do about it, but Jack will stay in that position until he feels that Archie has had enough. What an interesting dog.

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