Adorable French Bulldog Puppy Discovers The Best Toy In The House

There is nothing quite like having a puppy in the home, and any dog owner will tell you the same thing. They just seem to work their way into our hearts quickly and once they are in there, they are never getting back out again. Of course, who of us would want that love to leave? It is the best feeling that a person can have and it is a mutual exchange, as our dogs will show us unconditional love for a lifetime.

If you are someone who loves puppies, you are going to flip over this adorable French bulldog pup. He is not only cute, he has found the best toy in the house and you can’t help but celebrate the find with him. It isn’t a rubber ball or even a squeaky toy, it is a simple doorstop and he is having the time of his life playing with it.

Sometimes, it may be that we just need to step back and take advantage of the simple things in life. That is what this adorable puppy is doing and we couldn’t love him more.

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