Puppy Escapes A Fool-Proof Gate

Some people feel as if dogs are just instinctive creatures and they only do things because it is built into their genetic structure. For those of us who have owned dogs, however, we recognize that they are individuals, just like people are individuals. They have their own personality, they like some things and dislike others and of course, they can be so smart it will amaze you. It looks as if this little Corgi puppy is doing some amazing things already.

Many families try to confine their dogs into a single room or area of the home, especially when they are away. It helps to minimize messes when they are a puppy. This particular puppy, however, not only dislikes being kept in a single room, he has figured out a way to break down the “foolproof” gate.

The owner was a bit concerned over the fact that the puppy was out every time he came home. That is when he set up a camera to see what is taking place and what he caught on video is going to surprise you. It looks as if this puppy may need a better foolproof gate after all.

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